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Tropical tree nut oils have been used in Pacific cultures as well as other parts of tropical regions for centuries.  These perfect nourishing oils and plant extracts are loved for their ability to deeply hydrate, soften, repair, and soothe the skin. They provide essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins thus giving us a more vibrant appearance and leaving skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and cared for.  What else we can ask for? 

ButterSkinTropika has one mission: to find more creative ways to use in our products these wonderful gifts of nature toward healing and beautifying our skin, as they have been doing for centuries in nature. We make it our business to create clean, simple, but effective products to maintain glowing skin. We work with our contacts to continuously search tropical regions for the best locally produced oils with different beneficial qualities to incorporate into our products. The result is an expertly created mixture of tropical nut oils to use alone or to complement your other skin products. These oils are designed to help your skin with specific concerns or simply to keep it looking splendid.

However, we also power our tropical oils with gentle ingredients offered by the latest in technology such as silk aminos to further improve and aid our skin.



• Often our skin needs nothing more than clean water and a few drops of these magnificent oils

•  Warm shower, followed by one of the oils, leaves skin looking radiant

• For such occasions, our Tamanu Oil (shipped to us from Vanuatu island) mixed with Hawaii’s kukui nut oil and squalane would be the panacea - simple but powerful

• If you prefer something more, Liquid Magyk includes the power of papaya oil and  amino acids among other superb oils to further improve your skin

• These oils are specifically formulated with multiple benefits for their supreme ability to hydrate, protect, shield and correct – all with the power of nature



Our Vision  

We remain totally focused on introducing quality products that provide a natural defense against nature's harsh elements. Our ingredients are always responsibly sourced and small batch produce. They can be used with confidence by anyone of any age.  

Giving back

Part of our mission is to distribute a portion of our funds to nonprofit organizations dedicated to helping kids in need, as well as other urgent causes. We strongly believe that if every business, small and large, contribute towards a cause, we would all make a huge difference in peoples’ lives.